Of New Years and New Vibes!

For me, most new years have been about resolutions and then most mid-years have been about regrets on getting derailed. But I am hoping 2018 is going to be about making things happen NOW instead of setting up unrealistic goals. Rather than making blue prints in my mind, I want this year to be all about execution. This blog is just that! I’ve been meaning to start one since forever but never got around to actually doing it. But here it is.

My meandering mind takes off on its mini trips every now and then and this blog will be an outlet to give those trips and tales a home! I plan to write about┬ámy rookie culinary experiments, random ramblings of my mind and a LOT about my little baby boy (you’ve been warned!).

Do give this blog some love if you find the time to read it! ­čÖé

Here’s to a great 2018!